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Future tense For Indian Software Professionals

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India is known for their IT Professionals. In USA and Australia, there are a large number of Software Engineers working in different MNC's. But due to some reform change, hard times lies ahead for Indian Techies.

Hard Times in the US

The message of Donald Trump to bring jobs back to America and the slogan "Buy American, Hire American" is very clear. On 18th April, Donald Trump announced measures to step up scrutiny of H1B visa holders in the USA. There could be plans to prohibit visas to entry level engineers. The USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency) said they will scrutinise the visa application on three parameters - Validation of Employees basic business information, Higher H1B employee ratio and Employee petitioning for H1B workers who work offsite. Apart from these parameters, there can be more scrutiny of fresh engineers who apply for the visa.

Australia abolishes 457 visa programme

On Tuesday Australia abolished the visa programme that has been used by almost 95000 temporary foreign workers in which majority of them are Indians. The 457 Visa programme allows employment of skilled foreign workers for up to four years.

The Australian PM Malcolm Turnball said in a statement “We are an immigration nation, but the fact remains: Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs, so we are abolishing the 457 visa, the visa that brings temporary foreign workers into our country.”

Unfavorable UK

Since past few years, UK is becoming less hospitable for Indian students and workers. Five years ago in 2012 UK abolished its post-study work visa. UK government also raised the living expenses a student need to have by 24%. Clearly, for last two years, the number of students enrolled in the UK dropped 10-15%.

Indian workers also faced tough times as the UK issued new visa rules by raising salary threshold for different visas. Almost 30000 Indian software professionals working in the UK are expected to be affected by the new rules.

Newzealand also shuts the Door

Just a day after Australian PM announces the scrapping of visa 457 programme, New Zealand also blocked the foreign skill workers in a bid to prioritise Kiwis first.

This move from New Zealand is going to hurt Indians deeply as New Zealand is among the favourable destination for work among Indians. Since last five years, Indian workers and students in New Zealand increased significantly.


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