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InterBot : India's GupShup launches InterBot, World’s First Bot to Bot Comm

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GupShup which is a messaging communication company yesterday launched the release if InterBot. The InterBot is Bot-to-Bot communication platform where bots can share, create and talk to each other.
If you came across this word "Bots" for the first time, then for your information, Bot is actually a Software robot device or simply a Software agent, or a Web Spider or Web crawler that does the automated task.

See the video for more understanding of how Bots work

The InterBot platform which is the world's first InterBot communication enables all the different kind of bots such as shopping bots to negotiate with merchant bots to find the best price. The Bots communication can be very effective in the E-commerce market as it can change how things work online. Imagine a travel bot which can combine the services of flight and hotel bots, and imagine how much easier things can be for you. Suppose you book a coffee while on your way to the coffee shop. A taxi bot can ask the cafe bot to have the coffee ready for you by the time your taxi arrives. The most interesting part of Bots is that they have no limitations and can do multitask very easily. They can simultaneously chat with hundred more people.

Bots communication can be effective in every field. Such as a translate bots can combine with e-commerce bot to enable the multilingual transaction. The personal assistant bots can schedule meetings on behalf of you.

Beerud Sheth, CEO of GupShup further explains “InterBot unleashes endless possibilities that lead to more intelligent bots and systems. Just as the human civilisation harnesses the collective power of individual humans, InterBot enables bots to perform collective action dramatically amplifying individual bot capabilities. InterBot represents one small step for the bot, one giant step for ‘botkind".


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