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Bhadla Solar Park :India's Biggest Solar Park In Rajasthan

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Bhadla Solar Park
Bhadla Solar Park Will bbe the India's Biggest Solar Park. Photo : Deccan Chronicle
A small village in Rajasthan "Bhadla" is in news recently. Bhadla is not a very popular location in Rajasthan. In the past Bhadla made headlines once after the temperature went up to 52 degrees in summer. Bhadla is once again in the news as a new solar park is coming in that village. The new solar park Bhadla Solar Park will be the India's biggest solar park and would be among India's cheapest source of power.

Bhadla Solar Park is still under development phase(though two phases are already operational) and once the park is fully operational, already the project will spread across 10000 acres of wasteland and it will be a power gold mine which will generate 2255 megawatts of power.
Some of India's biggest corporates like Tatas, Reliance and Adanis are already lining up to invest in the solar park. Finland company Fortum and South Africa's Phelan energy and Cleanteacalready are investors in Bhadla Solar Park.

Apart from all these, the Bhadla Solar Park will open an ocean of opportunities to the people in that area as it will help the local business owners and youth could get employment in that region. The park will bring all round development to the Bhadla area and its adjoining region. 


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